New hair beep boop

New hair beep boop

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"Look at you, Indis! You’re so tiny and cute."

"Aww! You really think I’m cute?"

"Of course. All things tiny are cute. Little rabbits, those miniature pastries you like to stuff in your face all the time, oh, and even that children’s armor you’re wearing."

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makerhavemercy replied to your post“i need to start on the next chapter of ‘one fine day’ but i just want…”
I wholeheartedly approve of that idea! You could just make a little adorable one-shot out of it or something. :)

I am very tempted! Technically it’s suppose to happen later on in ‘one fine day (they go through this whole period of trying to court each other what dorks) so I’m gonna need to write it at some point ANYWAY so what better time than the present right 


i need to start on the next chapter of ‘one fine day’

but i just want to write about hiero and vilkas going on a picnic and them being cute and adorable then making out in the rain 

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Why call someone gendered words like dude and bro when you could just call them your shield-sibling?


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Vex Shepard: Colonist, Ruthless, Vanguard (✿◠‿◠)

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Painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk

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Richard Armitage on “Lorraine”

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